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EMC security company

EMC security company

As a digital marketer for an Atlanta-based EMC security company, my team and I were tasked with increasing the company’s online visibility, generating leads, and driving conversions. After a thorough analysis of their current marketing efforts, we decided to implement a combination of PPC advertising, social media marketing, and website optimization.

EMC security company

Our PPC campaign was designed to target customers who were searching for security services online. We ran several ad campaigns targeting specific keywords related to home and business security, and the results were impressive. Our campaigns generated over 100,000 views and resulted in a click-through rate of 4%, which is well above industry averages. The cost per click averaged around $2.50, and we were able to generate over 1,500 leads in just six months.


Social media marketing was another key component of our strategy. We focused on building EMC Security’s presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by sharing informative content, engaging with followers, and running targeted ad campaigns. Our campaigns generated over 500,000 impressions and resulted in a click-through rate of 2%, which is also above industry averages. We were able to acquire over 2,000 leads through social media, at an average cost of $3 per lead.


To further optimize EMC Security’s online presence, we made several changes to their website. We conducted a thorough audit of the site’s structure, content, and user experience, and made improvements to ensure that it was search engine friendly and user-friendly. These changes resulted in a significant increase in organic traffic, with over 50,000 new visitors to the site in just six months.


Overall, our digital marketing efforts resulted in a significant increase in EMC Security’s online visibility, lead generation, and revenue. Our campaigns generated over $100,000 in attributed online revenue, which represents a 200% return on investment. Our cost per lead averaged around $3, which is significantly lower than the industry average of $20-$30 per lead. We were thrilled to help EMC Security achieve their business goals and look forward to continuing our partnership.

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